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Mar 21 at 09:29 AM

Change color of the nodes of a hierarchy in webi report


Hi Collages!

I have created a hierarchy in bw on an infoobject, and I include this hierarchy in a query of a webi report. The version of SAP BO is 4.3 support Pack 1 Patch 12.

I add a table to the webi report, I include the hierarchy in the lines of the table, and I want to change the appearance (color) of the nodes of the hierarchy. The nodes 1 and 2 that are total, the user wants them to be of one color, and node 3 of another color, but when he tries to change the color of the cells, all the nodes of the hierarchy are set to the same color. Do not let put different colors.I have tried to change the color using formatting rules, but it does not set the color of the cells with the color that I set in the rules, instead it sets it with the standard blue color that the dimensions have.

Is there a way in webi to do what I need? If it doesn't exist, how could I change the default blue color of the dimensions to set another color, Is it a CMC setting?