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Mar 22 at 05:44 AM

Extract data out of Group Reporting with _Elim view


Hello Team,
We have post-eliminated data in Group Reporting for some period say 001.2021 and we are checking the same data in IMCFNDNCUBE table.

However, we see Consolidation Unit for Elimination field missing in the table IMCFNDNCUBE. This field should contain the Consolidation unit involved in elimination and the elimination group. The data in this field is based on the Consolidation Unit Hierarchy in the system.
Later on checking with SAP we got to know that the field 'Consolidation Unit for Elimination' is not part of the table ACDOCU and IMCFNDNCUBE consumes the same. The so-called matrix elimination is only happening and calculated on the fly when the Group Data Analysis apps are executed with the relevant execution parameters.

Now my question is we wish to send Group Reporting data to other interfaces and the need is to have _Elim view data. As per SAP it is not available in IMCFNDNCUBE view(which we are using currently).Is there any other way to extact the data with _ELIM view and send it to other interfaces/systems?

Thanks in advance.