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Mar 15 at 01:50 PM

How to call the credentials to the REST API in "form data" format in the CPI


Hi all,

Requirement: CPI needs to be connected to the open text API using a username and password to get the token.

Postman: We are passing the username and password in the body of the form-data, and it's working fine.

CPI: According to the SAP blogs below, when we build and test, we receive the error statusCode: 500.

What is form-data and how to send it from SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) | SAP Blogs

The marriage between form-data and SAP Cloud Platform Integration | SAP Blogs

SAP CPI - Forwarding Raw Image Data through Integration Flow | SAP Community

Open Text API: Logs -


Currently, below is the CPI configuration in the Content Modifier - Header and Body



Kindly help me to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance!

Kannan Selvakumar


image.png (30.8 kB)
image.png (45.6 kB)
image.png (26.1 kB)