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Mar 16 at 01:07 PM

Integration of employee central to SAP S4 HANA HCM Using SAP BTP


Dear Team,

We are trying to integrate Organizational Objects from Employee Central to SAP HCM. Our client has some Position's in Business unit level, some positions have Department Level, some might have lower level like Units, Sectors under Department. The higher level will not be part of any Units and Sectors. While replication using BIB i believe we will map Org unit to Sector (lower Object) always. In this case how the Org unit for higher people replicated as they do not have any Sector?

If we map every object (Business Unit, Division, Department, Unit, Sector) with Org Unit in HCM, then which object will be replicated when employee has all the data (Business Unit, Division, Department, Unit, Sector)?

Thank you for your time.

Thank you,