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Mar 15 at 11:14 PM

SAP Sustainability Control Tower (SCT) - Missing DPI to load target data - No Data in Fiori KPI

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Hi SCT community,

Appreciate if you can share any inputs on simillar issue related SCT data load (sample content)

I have already completed loading all demo content. However, after completion of loading master/actual/target data as per config instructions, only few KPI's like GHG emissions has both actual/target data in respective Fiori tile but several KPI's are displayed with "no data" (see attached). Following are my observations.

a) Actuals data: Even after uploading all sample data files for actuals, only some KPI's were populated with actuals data populated but not all of them? I have attached screen shot that shows only GHG KPI's and few others. I did not have any errors while loading all actual data files. In that case, my expectation was to see at least actuals data loaded into these KPI's. If you come across simillar situation, how did you resolved it?

b) Target data: When it comes to Target data load, it seems current SCT release allows loading target data only for emissions KPI. In the target data load process template, for "upload data" DPI, there are no further sub-steps to load various target data measures (as per sample content). Whereas if you look at Actuals data load process load, it has individual sub steps under "upload data" to load each actuals measure (example: People, prosperity etc). Is this your observation too? Did you somehow manage to upload target data for Injury, economic values etc? I suspect it could be a missing functionality that will be fixed in future release by SAP.

c) Snapshots: Did you activate both Production and Modelling snapshots or only one?

As per SAP help info (below) and reply from Lenka Simikova (in response to simillar issue), I have set up Production snapshot and I did not create modelling snapshot as shown in the scr shots. Have you noticed any data load issues with only production snapshot enabled?

Appreciate your inputs.




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