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Feb 24, 2017 at 08:14 AM

C4C: How to debug extension fields?

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Hi everyone,

we have added extension fields to our solution and added them to the UI. Based on those extension fields, I have implemented a custom development.

However, the coding is not working as expected, yet. This is why I need to fill in the extension fields, press save and see what's happening in the debugger.

Now, I am aware that we should always test as key user, never as developer. But: How do I go about debugging my extension field coding? As far as I know "external debugging" (i.e. debugging what the key user is doing) is not possible.

But as soon as I am using my development user (PDI_PARTNER_DEVELOPMENT assigned), the extension fields are not visible, so I cannot fill + save them.

I have come across this thread, but even if I am logged on to the studio, debugger started, seeing the the correct solution name next to my user name in the UI, the extension fields are still missing.

So does anybody know how I can go about debugging those extension fields?

(And also, but this is no primary concern of mine, it would be interesting to get some deeper (technical) insight into the whole problem surrounding testing/UI adaptation/fine tuning with a developer user. All I've found is that you shouldn't do it. But why?)