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Mar 15 at 08:34 PM

Scheduled job created by ChaRM without visibility to see error imported.


Hi all,

I was testing ChaRM's functionality to create "schedule import job for transport request" from TaskList section to import TR in my PRD Landescape.

Its working ok when importing TR without potential issues by "DGP/Cross Reference Check....".

But, if we have for example, 2 TR's to be imported (one of them without potential issues "DGP/Cross...." and the other TR with issues, none of them is going to be imported.

If I check Task List I can see a red light in "schedule import job for transport request" option.

I would like to know (if possible) how could I keep that TR with error into prd buffer without import and import the others without error or at least how to identify wich one TR is the one is "locking" import queue....

Any comments will be great!