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Mar 14 at 07:59 PM

Create a serial number with external equipment number range - asynchronous

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Dear all,

I am working a client who wants to implement serialization for their equipment from the material goods receipt from vendor. Below are the conditions that needs to be met:-

1. Equipment has to have an external number range.

2. Serialized number and equipment number are different (asynchronous), they have a equipment naming rule book which needs to be adhered too.

3. Equipment number at different location should have the same name; equipment can be at different Functional location hierarchy with the same number as they are identical.

I tried to have synchronous setting activated in the material master by maintaining "Level of Explicitness for serial number" as 1. This allows me to create a serial number before hand with the allowed external number range of equipment, I was hoping system would allow to change the serial number after creation using IQ02>More>Edit>Special Serial number function>Change serial number. But system does not allow.

Question:- Does SAP not support creation of equipment with external number range with asynchronous serial number (Serial number and equipment number are different)?