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Mar 14 at 06:01 PM

ListPicker with Default Value : page does not work



After upgrading from MDK 5.2.3 to 6.2.3 I got the following bug in my MDK Page.

I have a ListPicker with PickerItems bound to an EntitySet. Items are shown correctly in listpicker and values are being retrieved correctly in further processing.

But If I try to set the "Value" property, either by harcode or a Rule to a valid item according to return value. The page breaks and does not render.

Code and page without setting Value:


Code and page after setting Value. This happens either when I set String or Array:


Did something changed in newer MDK versions regarding these properties? Did someone had the same issue?

Thanks for your help.

Fabio Purcino


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post3.jpg (93.3 kB)