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Mar 14 at 08:44 AM

CAP / Multi-Tenant / Launchpad / Build-Workzone Integration via URL




  • CAP with Multi-Tenancy
  • Existing Build-Workzone service in Global-Account of Customer
  • CAP Application has whitelisting / click-jacking protection configured correctly
  • CAP Application is integrated in Build-Workzone via Link Integration in iframe
  • I am aware that a full integration (accessing the html repo) is currently not supported (influence request exists and I voted)


  1. The "#hash" of the page is not updated when changing the route in the iframe app (technically i can understand that, but maybe there are some hacks around?). So if I press F5 it will reload the start page.
  2. As technically the IFrame app is called in an isolated context I do not have access to the launchpad variant management service. Personalization and also Adaption is therefore not working. Do you have any idea to workaround that?

Thanks for any hints!