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Mar 14 at 05:52 PM

BI4.3 Silent Installation: Doesn't appear to be working with the one install file

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Has anyone been able to successfully create a response file for the BI4.3 Client Tools?

We are upgrading to BI4.3sp2 patch 7 and need to create a response file for the client installations.

When we run the command as follows

<a href="">BIPLATCLNT4302P_700-70005711.EXE</a> -w C:\response.ini

the executable runs the installer instead of creating the response file after we have gone through all the screens to select the options that we want installed. It behaves as if it is ignoring the switch for creating the response file.

I've tried the following as well:

<a href="">BIPLATCLNT4302P_700-70005711.EXE</a> -w C:\response.ini -i bipclient

with the same result.

I experimented with trying to use our response file from BI4.2 but the installer appears to ignore the -r switch as well.

The Crystal Reports installer is behaving in the same manner.

I have a case open with SAP but it isn't moving anywhere.

All the KBAs and the Administrators guide refer to running the command as setup.exe -w C:\response.ini which was true prior to BI4.3 when there were files extracted into a folder structure to perform the install and there was a file called setup.exe but with the one installer that is used now, there is just one file that is downloaded to do the installation.