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Feb 24, 2017 at 06:56 AM

Does SAP API Management expose management API's? /Setting up CI-CD for API proxy deployment



Are there any management API's exposed by SAP for deployment of proxies? The requirement is due to the large codebase.
As the number of proxies are quite large, it is very time-consuming process to develop each proxy using the wizard in HCP.

The other way around I found is developing locally, and then uploading/importing the zip file, but the problem here is there is no Source Code Management and the updates by all the team members will create a mess.

Is there any way to set up a CI-CD setup or anyone has done before?
Ideal Scenario: I want maven(or any other tool) to build the proxy and deploy for me so that I can reuse the common code as most of the API proxies are following a similar pattern.

Are there any maven plugins already developed by SAP? I tried searching, but could not find one.

Note: I am using SAP API Management on HCP and I am currently using a trial account.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

Gagandeep Singh