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Mar 13 at 08:30 PM

262 on Batch that was not consumed against an Order


Hi All ,

I came across a scenario in our system where the users are able to perform 262 movements against a Batch that was not originally consumed against the order.

Ideally, we would want the system to only be able to return the batches that were consumed against the production order. I've given the example scenario below :

Production Order 1 / SKU 1

Batch 1, Batch 2, and Batch 3 are consumed against Production Order 1 using 261 Movement Type.

Now when I perform a 262 manually, I'm allowed to return a different Batch ( Batch 4 for example) as long as I have stock and the total qty being returned is less than or equal to the qty that was originally consumed.

Is this standard SAP behavior?