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How to get values for last two monthend dates and current week dates for a selected business date?

Feb 24, 2017 at 06:41 AM


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Hi Guys,

Good morning

My client has a requirement, If he selects a business date in Calendar(input control), then it should show Last two monthend dates and Current Week dates with amounts. I have tried following formulas:

  1. Previous Month=RelativeDate([Business Date];-DayNumberOfMonth([Business Date]))
  2. Before Previous Month=RelativeDate([Previous Month];-DayNumberOfMonth([Previous Month]))
  3. Yesterday=RelativeDate([Business Date];-1)
  4. Daybefore Yesterday==RelativeDate([Business Date];-2)
  5. Amount for Before Previous Month

    =[Amount] Where ([Business Date]=[Before Previous Month]) (simliar formulas for all dates)

Table is not showing any values(output.png)

I am using Business Objects 4.0 sp04 version

Please suggest any solution for this

Thanks in Advance



requirement.png (149.4 kB)
output.png (61.8 kB)
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Dear Mahesh , exactly same issue , can you eloborate how did you solve. I am trying to show yesterday's value and today's value and the difference. but yesterday value is not appearing. I am also taking the report date from the reportfilter.

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Jyothirmayee A Feb 27, 2017 at 06:40 PM


Capture Input control value user selection value an apply in the formula.

=Reportfilter([Business Date])

Use the above formula for your calculations.



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