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Mar 10 at 12:39 PM

Can we restrict any billable posting / entry from getting picked up in current month JV billings


Hello All,

We have one incident raised where business is asking whether we can restrict any billable posting / entry from getting picked up In current month Joint Venture billings

Example : Where the billable posting is a payment received from customer (joint venture partner) for the month of January 2023 but that posting has happened / actual payment is received in the month of Feb 2023 with document date & posting date is of Feb 2023, which is why system is picking that particular payment in the current billings ie Feb 2023 JV billings.

Below is the screenshot & example


The Invoice value included on February's JV Billing appears to be the total of GL Account 12104010, which as per the screenshot above shows three items

Item 1 is the payment In February of January Invoice clearing receivable from January, which shouldn't appear on the Billing.

Items 2 & 3 are the JV Cutback items, which should appear on the Feb month billing.

So is there any way through configuration from JVA side or anything we can do to control so that the Item 1 would not show on the Feb month billing, as this is a journal created through bank posting and there's no ability to change the Joint Venture Recovery Code or Joint Venture Billing type?

Thanks & Regards



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