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Mar 12 at 10:29 AM

Execute PO release for spesific vendor


Hi experts,

As my business scenario; there are 2 release codes in my PO release strategy.

PM —> 1. release code

GM —> 2. release code

If the vendor is selected in PO is a specific, there is no need to executed release for GM release code. PO must be released after the PM release code execution.

I plan to create a Z table to specific those vendors. And I will use the EXIT_SAPLEBND_002 to be able to release the PO on be half of GM release code. I will check the vendor code if it is listed in that Z table or not. Also I need to know current release code and the next release code.

After PM released is completed, If the vendor takes in place in that table and the next release code is GM, the release must be executed automatically for GM release code.

But how can I find the next release code? Which structure keeps this?

Also how can I execute release for GM? Should I call fuction ME_RELEASE_PURCHASE_DOCUMENT?

Please take me some advice.