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SMTM (Defect Correction) - Quick question regarding SolMan 7.2


We are on Solution Manager 7.2 SP4 and I have a few quick questions regarding SMTM transaction type (I have copied this to ZMTM).

1. Can SMTM transactions be created against SMAI cycles? I believe the answer by default is no. If so, is there a way to change this so they can be? I know SMTM can be created against SMIM cycles (when the cycle is in Test phase).

2. Is Downgrade Protection still be used for SMTM transactions? I noticed that the assignment block was hidden for SMTM in the web client UI and I had to manually add it to my ZMTM UI config...but not sure if it's still being used for these transactions? (we will be using CSOL).

Thanks very much.


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