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Mar 06 at 07:43 PM

Back flush not working and GMPS system status not updating ?


Iam trying to use Back flush indicator in CO01 for Goods issue 261 against Production order. But the system status is not updating as GMPS in production order . I tried to issue goods in MIGO but it says " No selectable materials to issue". So its already done through Backflush right ? Then again...

In CO11n the " Goods Movement " is not visible for me and below In WIP Goods issue -- the required quantity also is empty / not updated . Why is the Back flush indicator not working ?

In COOIS too the status of the order is not updating to GMPS . Can anyone clarify this issue . The material availability is all good . Where did i do the mistake ?

I manually entered the Rq.Quantity below in CO11n during order confirmation then the system status is Updating as GMPS but the Backflush should automatically do Goods movement before Production order confirmation..!!

Iam attaching the Screenshots below for reference.


1.png (277.6 kB)
2.png (290.1 kB)
3.png (291.5 kB)
4.png (241.5 kB)
5.png (280.3 kB)