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Mar 08 at 03:31 PM

XSA OData v4: No OData Endpoint found for this URL

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Hi experts,

I followed the "Create OData v4 Services for XSA Java Application" tutorial and also the youtube video from SAP Hana Acadmey ( I needed also some hints from the internet.

But at the end I got always the error "No OData Endpoint found for this URL".

My cds entity locks like:

namespace OData4Services.DB;<br><br>@OData.publish : true<br>context ContextName {<br>    entity MyEntity {<br>        key myID : Integer;<br>    };<br>}

I uses the URL: https://<subdomain>.<host>.<domain>:<port>/java/odata/v4/OData4Services.DB._.ContextName.

During start up off the java app I saw following error

3/8/23 4:20:12.413 PM [APP/1-0] ERR   #2.0#2023 03 08
3/8/23 4:20:12.413 PM [APP/1-0] ERR
3/8/23 4:20:12.413 PM [APP/1-0] ERR   while trying to invoke the method of a null object returned from java.lang.ClassLoader.getResource(java.lang.String)

Did anybody have some clues?