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Mar 07 at 10:38 PM

MT 940 & FEBAN related issue



My query is,

After uploading MT940, many (minimum 350 per day) ZR manual posting comes in FEBAN if payment reference is not updated.

If I update payment reference after MT940 uploading is done, can still it get auto cleared or do I need to do one by one manual posting (ZR document) only??

If there is any such process or T-code where entries will get auto cleared even if i have updated payment references after uploading MT940, please let me know.

As in my case, even if i missed to update payment bank reference of 1 day & upload MT940 of that particular day, aprx. 600 entries comes in FEBAN for which i need to do ZR document creation one by one which is very time consuming.

Kindly help!!