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Mar 06 at 04:17 PM

Horizon based Credit in ECC - Outside Horizon consumption increased


Hello Experts, we are working on implementing Horizon Based Credit Limit.

We have done all the required basis configurations for Dynamic credit control (Horizon) for customer, Order Type OR (copy of OR), item category TAN (credit active).

The problem we are seeing or facing is

1. Order Created with item material availability (March-15-2023) within horizon(Apr-01-2023) consumption increased. - Expected

2. Order Created with item material availability (June-01-2023) way outside of horizon(Apr-01-2023) still consumption increased. - Not expected (from my understanding).

any suggestion, on what need to be done to stop consumption for point/scenario 2.

Below are the steps we have done:

1. Created a credit control area, assigned to company code, Sales area and customer.

2. Order type - assigned credit check "D", Credit group "01"

3. Item Category - TAN - Credit active

4. Automatic credit control - update "000012, Dynamic - Horizon, 30 Days

5. Maintain Credit limit for customer