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Mar 03 at 07:29 AM

COGS Revaluation is not posted in CKMLCP > Post closing


Dear All

I am facing situation where COGS Revaluation is not posted from CKMLCP > Post closing step.

Actual price is different from Preliminary valuation price of Goods issue. So I expect in FI Document posted from CKMLCP > Post closing, there should be posting to original COGS GL Account for delta amount. In our scenario, Actual price is 220, Prelim val price is 210. So on COGS account there should be posting of 10 with original COPA profitability segment. But I dont see such posting.

a) In Post closing step, I have selected 'Revaluate material', 'Revaluate consumption', 'Set CO Account assignment'. Is this ok ?
b) OBYC COC GL is configured
c) Movement type group is configured and assigned to movement type 601 & 602. Before Post goods issue was posted, MTG configuration was already present.

Considering this why COGS reval is not posted ?

In CKM3N, Consumption row has price difference of 9990-. If I drill down Consumption row further, Consumption and Cost center rows are seen, each having Price diff. of 10 & 1000-.

I observe that FI Document posted from CKMLCP does not have posting for 10 & 1000-, rather it has single posting for 9990, i.e. for total consumption price difference.

Attached is screenshot of CKM3N & FI Document. We are using S4H 2021 system.

Please suggest how to resolve issue.







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a2.jpg (155.8 kB)
a3.jpg (77.8 kB)