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Mar 07 at 11:04 AM

Incoming payments with auto-clearing of customer open items based on the payment reference number

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The challenge is to perform the auto-clearing of customer open items based on the unique payment reference number contained in the bank statement format camt.053. This is something essential in the Nordic countries like Finland and Norway.

The bank statements contain customer payments, using the payment reference number as a key to identify open items and clear them. The linkage of the external transaction type (delivered by the bank statement), the posting rule F001 and the interpretation algorithm supposed to find customer open items and match them according to the clearing rules.

This does not work in any test scenario tried so far.


SAP’s support support suggested the algorithm 027 for Finland, but it is not in the position to find the payment reference number that is provided in the bank statement. This might be due to a linkage to a bank statement format that is outdated.


Since S4HANA Cloud does not provide access to create (or even investigate an interpretation algorithm), users can only rely on the given tools and potentially work with the bank statement item reprocessing features.

Unfortunately, these lack the option to search for a payment reference number too (like a valid allocation algorithm or new processing rule).

What is the setting/configuration required to make this work?




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