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Mar 01 at 12:11 PM

Query on deprecated APP


Hi Experts,

My customer identified the deprecated app is still in Q, but successor app is already in P now.

They would like to knowwhy the successor app is in production already ? It is enable by customer itself?

If P is already enabled the new app, but Q is still on depreciated app, how this is affecting P after upgrade? Because customer has 17 application links with new app in production.

Customer notes below:

The successor app (Manage Situation Types - Extended) is not present in the QA system, but the deprecatedapp is still there. So when the Production environment is upgraded we will not be able to use the new application as I do not believe it will exist in any catalog.

Ref to the below change:

Asset Accounting (SAP S/4HANA)

Asset Acquisition: Deprecated Apps

The following apps will be deleted in a future release: Post Acquisition (Non-Integrated) - With Automatic Offsetting Entry (ABZO), Post Post-Capitalization (ABNAN), Post Credit Memo - In Year of Invoice (ABGL), Post Credit Memo - After Year of Invoice (ABGF), and Post Quantity Adjustment (ABQAL). Instead, you can use the app Post Asset Acquisition - And Quantity Adjustment (F6488).

One of the catalogs associated with this change is -SAP_FIN_BC_AA_DOC_PROC_PC

Currently in Production, this has 17 Applications linked to it, in QA it only has 1 .