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Feb 24, 2017 at 02:55 AM

DSM vs BRM vs BRF+


Hi Experts,

We currently use BRF+ rules for controlling some of the rules in our ECC system.

We are working on a new project and i am hard to make a decision on BRF+ vs BRM.

For the new project that i am working on, We will have front end UI application built on UI5, We have SAP BPM orchestrating the process by interacting with UI and integrating with SAP ECC system.

There are two kinds of rules here

1. Rules that control UI elements i.e whether to show a specific field on a UI or not by business scenario.

2. Rules that are purely business logic for example whether to allow return or not, Whether to allow cancellation or not based on various criteria. We also have some of the existing rules in ECC Code/Tables.

Thus to summarize the current situation

1. Existing ECC Code/tables

2. New business logic rules related requirements

3. New UI business rules related requirements

4. Planning to use BPM to orchestrate the process.

As of now, We are planning to use SAP BRM for managing new Business rules as well as UI related rules.

Should we go with SAP BRM or i am not quite sure if DSM supports Java related rules or not.....

I assume SAP BRM can't be centralized location for managing rules. Centralized rules should present in DSM, is that right?

If we go with DSM as centralized rules management application, We will write rules in DSM and push the rules to Satellite systems such as ECC/CRM...etc??

Can we write rules in DSM and push it to BRM?