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Feb 24 at 06:19 AM

How do I use the REST Receiver Response Determination tab


Hi, I am struggling to understand how to use the "Response Determination" tab of the REST Receiver adapter. I am on PI 7.5 SP 25. Please do not direct me to the "REST Adapter - Don't be afraid" blogs. While quite informative about a variety of basic REST issues, he does not provide any significant insight into this feature. If I understand correctly, I can specify the root element of the response message in the Operation / Namespace columns. then the Service interface of the target response in the Response / Response Namespace fields. This should then redirect the response to the ICO that defines the processing for that Service. Alternatively, if anyone has any other suggestions on handling the response from an OData service call that can return either "feed" "entry" or "error" as the root message that would also solve my problem :)