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Feb 24 at 05:01 AM

Multi tenancy CAP application with custom build tasks fails


Hi ,

I have a CAP project with custom build task( reason is here ) . Now when I add mtx to this project and "cds build" it, it throws this error

screen-shot-2023-02-24-at-85637-am.pngpackage.json has multi-tenancy enabled as well . Any clue ?

Lothar Bender

=>to fix the errors, I added the below 4 models in the cdsrs.json , and error goes of. service has /-/cds/ endpoints as well . But subscription fails ( with no error I could spot from logs )

"@sap/cds-mtxs/srv/bootstrap", "@sap/cds-mtxs/srv/model-provider", "@sap/cds-mtxs/srv/deployment-service", "@sap/cds-mtxs/db/extensions"