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Mar 02 at 08:14 AM

How to fill the 'IS_PARAMETERS' parameter of an action in BO with a value from a field in FPM?



in our FPM application with FBI, we make use of an action with a parameter in our BO.

We click a record of our Guibb List, and the value of a field of this record is the value of the parameter for the action.
So, we don't have to fill the parameter via a popup. The meaning is to get the value of the field into the 'IS_PARAMETERS' parameter of the action in the BO.

We always used the ACTPRM class /BOFU/CL_FBI_GUIBB_ACTPRM_FDR for this kind of actions (with parameters), but hereby you have to fill in the value of the parameters by a popup ( Guibb Form ).

  • Is it possible to skip the popup in this class?
  • Is there another class without a popup that we can use?
  • Is there another solution to get the value of the field into the 'IS_PARAMETERS' parameter?

Thanks a lot for your advise!