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Mar 02 at 03:06 AM

Message mapping behavior to IDOC is different than expected


Dear all,

I'm trying to create IDOC format data using message mapping from data read from a database table.

I made a mapping definition like the attached MessageMapping20230301.xls and tried to send data,
EDI_DC40 and E1KSJCL were generated like MessageMapping20230301_test_output.xml,
but E1KSJCL/E1PSJCL and E1KSJCL/E1PSJCL/E1EDPR1 were generated

And, only 1 out of 4 rows of data was processed.

I would like to create IDOC data in the form of a mapping definition, please tell me how to implement it.

Best regards,

-- attachment files
attachment_file.jpg : Screen shot of simlation with test data
MessageMapping01.jpg„ÄĀMessageMapping02.jpg : Message mapping definition

PSCM_T_NONYU_SIJI_TAB_mod.xsd : Schema file of Source data
SEQJIT03.xsd : Schema file of Target data (IDOC type: SEQJIT03)
PSCM_T_NONYU_SIJI_TAB_4rows.xml : Test data
MessageMapping20230301_test_output.xml : Message mapping output