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Feb 24 at 02:58 PM

SAP PS - Assigning project types to the project profile not working


Hey Experts,

I want to assign my WBS project types to specific project profiles so that the dropdown menu is only showing the correct project types for selecting.

For this I used in SPRO the Change View Assign project types to project profile with no effect.

I found the SAP Note 2232730 and 2536982. However it cannot be implemented on my System.

  • Is there an updated version of the Notes 2232730 and 2536982? (I cannot find them)

I followed the instructions of SAP Note 2232730 and as far as I can see everything is there as mentioned in the note. The only thing I I don't know to check or implement is the following part.

"For the above feature, activate the below PROF_PTYPE_FLG flag via BADI: PS_FUNCTION_SWITCH method get_switch, by setting value to 'X' " [SAP Note 2232730]

I am able to find the BADI PS_FUNCTION_SWITCH however at the screen shown in the image 5: Display IF_PS_FUNCTION_SWITCH I am running out of knowledge what to do. Help at this point would be great for me.

  • Am I on the right track to set the PROF_PTYPE_FLG to the value X?
  • Or is it a bad idea? Because the Note 2232730 is obviously not for my system.

I also found some question here, however there is only the mentioned Note 2232730. There is never mentioned something when the system is incompatible to the the note because of updates. My system is to "updated" for the note and the Change View Assign project types to project profile still not working.

Image 1: Assign project types to project profile (I had to remove some line, please trust me there is no other line with Z000000


Image 2: Choose Project Profile


Image 3: The mentioned error as far as I can see.


Image 4: SNOTE which cannot be implemented


Image 5: Display IF_PS_FUNCTION_SWITCH - Overview


Image 6: Display IF_PS_FUNCTION_SWITCH - GET_SWITCH - Parameters



image.png (35.5 kB)
image.png (119.6 kB)
image.png (243.7 kB)
image.png (57.4 kB)
image.png (23.5 kB)
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