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Feb 24 at 12:00 PM

Account Dimension Formula Column Planning Model

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Hi everyone,

I wrote some quantity calculation formulas in Account dimension and when I display results in table, on the row level formulas work fine, but I don't want them to be applied on the Total level.

Picture below is formula for QuantityRef:


Picture below is formula for QuantitySim:


As you can see in the picture below, when MarketGrowth total runs through formula with QuantityRef total, I get huge QuantitySim amount. Instead, I want my formulas to be applied only on the row level and not on total level.

Is that possible?


My goal here is to compose value driver tree based on these measures, as you can see in the picture below, right now these amounts are huge because of the multiplying on the total level.





p1.png (10.9 kB)
p2.png (13.9 kB)
p3.png (19.0 kB)
image.png (38.2 kB)