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Feb 22 at 10:50 AM

Mark and Copy of AFC Field "Customer Field 2"


We often maintain (excel) files during Month End Closing (MEC) and we add them as separate tasks in AFC

Unfortunately links in AFC to internal directories will not work due to browser security issues.

As a workaround we write the internal link into AFC field "Customer Field 2". In the Process Closing Task App we include this field in the layout. Then we could copy this link to a new tab in the browser during MEC.

In order to copy the link we have to extend the witdh of the field so that total link could be seen and then only copy works. We have very long links so to save a maximum width in the layout is not fine as then the table layout is to big
and you need to scroll left and right..

But with a shorter width (see screenshot) I am not able to copy the full link.

Do you know a possibility to copy the full link without extending the width of the column ?



image.png (18.3 kB)