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Feb 21 at 06:50 AM

How to perform multiple load cycles in public cloud?

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I was looking at the slides for cloud and for on-prem migration:

SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit - Migrate Your Data to SAP



I also saw similar questions but not really answers to it. How to perform multiple load cycles in public cloud?

On the slide of on-prem there is following sentence: "Several test data migrations are required before you transfer data to the SAP S/4HANA production system."

I think this is also required in cloud. Especially since processes usually need to be changed / adapted much more to the cloud system than to on-prem, it also means data need to be changed much more.

As the migration cockpit only allows creation of data but no change and having only two systems with single "client" it means that if data is loaded wrong first time there is no option to load it correctly as a test before productive load. Or is there a chance to load again into another "clean client"? Simulation is helpful but only when looking at a single object. If an error in Material Master load is only found during stock load, how to correct these errors and test the correction when the data is already loaded and there is no other test "client" available?

If in cloud environment only one load of data is enough before loading to production why does SAP think that is not true for on-prem?


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