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sap c4c service ticket - How to update user status ?

Feb 23, 2017 at 11:37 PM


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Dear experts,

I need to update user status of the ticket automatically on submission of the Survey on the ticket.

I am able to check in 'Before Save' event is the survey was completed. Now I need to update the user status to custom status we are using.

Can anyone help answer how to do it ?



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Hi @Suchita Phulkar

I am currently working on a similar issue. How did u check if the survey has been completed ? And also I need to update the status of the ticket/ServiceRequest based on the response on Survey. If the survey Response is 'Satisfied' I need to update ticket to completed or else reopen.

Can you please help.


Hi Krishna,

I used the questionnaire valuation collection query to retrieve the survey collection on current ticket and then check its status.

Sorry for the late reply.

There is no email notification from this new interface there is no way to notify us via email if there is any comment etc.



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2 Answers

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Suchita Phulkar Feb 27, 2017 at 11:26 AM

Solved !!

Looks like there is no other way to update the user status than using workflow action as the Status field can not be updated in action scripts yet ...( God knows why SAP kept it locked !! )

So the solution one has to use if they want to modify the user status on an event is, to have a custom field and use it like a flag - Mark/unmark it based on your business logic in the event script or action script and create a workflow condition based on this custom flag field to update the status.

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Horst Schaude
Feb 24, 2017 at 02:01 PM

Hello Suchita,

To update a status you need an action which is part of Status & Action Management (SAM).

Is this "User Status" such a SAM dependent element?


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Hi Horst,

Thanks a lot for replying. I am not sure what you meant by "action which is part of Status & Action Management (SAM)" but if you mean using workflow to update status via workflow action, then I am aware that I can set up a workflow and update the ticket status via action under the workflow, but my problem is - I don't have a condition readily available there that can tell me if the a particular survey attached to ticket was completed.

I have thought of using a custom field and updating it on after-modify where I can check if the survey was completed and then have a workflow condition defined on this custom field such that if its set, then update the user status. However, this is my secondary solution.

I was hoping for more std way like a std. function/exit etc. which can give me an opportunity to update the status on service ticket using absl code like we used to do in ABAP or CRM using std. function modules. Is it possible in C4C cloud development ?

Kindly let me know.




Hi Suchita,

I feel that doing this via ABSL is not feasible as STATUS fields are not write enabled. So you cannot change them using ABSL.




Hello all,

Staust variables can only be updated via StatusActions like "Approve", "Complete", or "Withdraw".

. Horst