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May 25, 2006 at 08:04 AM

XI SOAP-ENV request!!!


Hi all,

I have a problem that is not resolved yet and I’m feeling quite worried because I used up all the hypotheses that knew!!! I did a test that it gave a light, where problem are placed, but I don’t know how I can fix it. I hope that somebody could help me…

Calling the web service directly via an external tool as a web service client using soap sender adapter, the request SOAP-ENV is:" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xs=""> SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=''> xmlns:ns1='prt:service:pt.edp.sync'> teste

And it works fine!

Using the same external tool also as a web service client, but now trough XI, the SOAP-ENV request is a little bit different: (the tag with send method it lack!!!)


<ns1:send_1_param2 xmlns:ns1='prt:service:pt.edp.sync'>teste</ns1:send_1_param2>


It seams that method <b>“send”</b> is not being invoked, if you look to the previous SOAP-ENV you see the tag with method <b><ns1:send …></b> before tag with input parameter <b><ns1:send_1_param2…></b> I think that this tag should come into soap request invoked by XI. For one reason that I don’t know, this tag doesn’t come... and when I look to the log of web service provider invoked from XI (is a SAP EP) the log gives me this message:

<b>Method with name send_1_param2 is not defined in wsdl file



It seams that XI wants to invoke a method with a wrong name <b>“send_1_param2”</b>; the method to be invoked should be <b>“send”</b> and not <b>“send_1_param2”</b>!!! Can anybody explain me why this happening? Did I forget something, some configuration steps?

Any help are appreciated.