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Feb 23, 2017 at 10:51 PM

Help with Print Layout Designer, with dot matrix printers


I have a customer who uses PLD printing, for customer invoices, they use preprinted and continuous forms, dot matrix printers: Epson FX890 work by the USB port.

Each building has a billing computer, with 2 printers connected (of the model described above), configured and installed, one for credit bills and another for cash invoices.

In order to serve the public, each building has Pcs (for the role of "counter" in other words for public attention), they generate sales orders and customer invoices, and for the latter they can send them to print ( Only for credit bills), since the billing computer is the only one that prints invoices that are cash. Currently there are 8 print formats, 2 for each building, specifically one credit and one cash for each printer and each change must be replicated in all 8 formats. The users of each building are established in a UDF, the ID of the print format, that they must use for credit and counted. Because SAP Billing and Desk PC users are assigned per building, 2 print formats are required to set the printout for cash and credit invoices. In addition, it natively is not possible to assign several printers to a single print format by PLD.

The customer need is:To have 2 invoice formats (credit and In cash) to be able to configure them in the 4 buildings, natively with SAP, taking into account who are those who print, counting and credit. Its architecture is composed of 4 physical buildings connected by means of fiber channels and thus the same interconnected in the same LAN network.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently an SAP user from another building can bill items sold in another building. Ex .: a customer who is in the hardware store, requires that they sell him a gallon of paint "x" in specific for his house. SAP user "counter", in the painting building, can realize and send to print the invoice in the painting building, so that the client will only pay the same and later to withdraw the product.

Tests carried out:

- The print format was created by Crystal Reports, but the print runtime was very large (approx 10s).

- The use of print server was tried to place the printers on the network, but the printing is extremely slow, takes a long time

- The configuration was attempted through the server with the print role and the printers were shared with the print server to manage the print queue. But this did not work the impression was very slow.

- The execution time of the printing process was more than 10s per invoice in SAP Business One.

- IP v6 was deactivated in the local network

Is it possible, natively with SAP, to have any solution having this current scenario?

Best regards,

Gerald Madriz