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any issues with Fiori 2.0 on Gateway server without upgrade of SAP Portal?


We have Hub installation of SAP Gateway (Fiori Front End Server). Right now, we have NW 7.40 and Gateway 2.0 installed on this system.

Fiori 2.0 is out there and we would like to move forward with Fiori 2.0. In order to do that, looks like we can upgrade Gateway 2.0 to Gateway 3.0 on our system with NW 7.40 based on below blog.

Also, we have configured Fiori Launchpad on SAP Portal and we are accessing all the Fiori applications from the Portal and not from the fiori Launchpad on the Gateway server.

But, we are not planning to upgrade our SAP portal right now to have Fiori 2.0 on the Portal. (Atleast not right now.. we may plan towards end of the year). We are on EP 7.40 SP11 and I see that Fiori 2.0 on Portal is available from NW 7.50 SP06.

So, it means, Fiori Launchpad look & feel still be old fashioned Fiori and not Fiori 2.0 as Fiori Launchpad will be used on the Portal. But, we will be launching actual Fiori apps which are from the upgraded Gateway system (which is having Gateway 3.0)

With this scenario in place, do you think we will have an issue accessing Fiori apps from Portal FLP?

Or do we HAVE TO upgrade portal to NW 7.50 SP06 in order to use Fiori apps which are running on Gateway 3.0?

Please clarify.



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2 Answers

  • Posted on Feb 24, 2017 at 10:57 AM

    Hi Bhavik,

    Gateway 3.0 is misleading here. Gateway 2.0 was replaced by "Gateway_Foundation" from NetWeaver 7.40 on.

    Esp. for Fiori 2.0 SAP Fiori Front-End Server 3.0 is required for the Fiori apps. It comes with a different and the required stack definition. It contains either GW_FND 7.40, 7.50 or 7.51. depending on which AS ABAP you choose.

    Yes, according to 2031108 - SAP Fiori Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal - Central note, Portal 7.50 SP07 minimum is required for SAP_UI 7.51, which contains SAPUI5 1.40 (innovation)/1.44(maintenance) and which is necessary for FES 3.0 and Fiori 2.0.

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    • Hi Oliver,

      I understand that component will be GW_FND will be that and that is what we have right now.

      Now, as per your comment, we need to have Portal 7.50 SP07 to have SAP_UI 7.51 which will provide Fiori 2.0 experience on the SAP Portal. I agree with that.

      But, my question was if we upgrade our ABAP system to 7.50 with Front-End Server 3.0 having Fiori 2.0 on it, do we need to upgrade our SAP Portal too or it is not required? I understand that if we do not upgrade Portal then Fiori 2.0 experience will not be there on the portal and we are OK with that at this moment. But, wanted to make sure that Fiori integration on SAP Portal should not break being SAP Portal on 7.40 SP11 and FES on 7.50 with Front End server 3.0.

      Can you confirm that?


  • Posted on Feb 24, 2017 at 01:35 PM

    it is huge mistake to use flp in portal.

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