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Feb 10 at 06:38 AM

Unable to connect to SAP using 64bit dlls, whereas it works with 32bit C#


Hi Team,

I facing a issue when using the 64bit versions of icudt50.dll, icuin50.dll, icuuc50.dll in my code.
This fails with the error pop-up message as, "above dlls path needs to be added to PATH variable". I have added them, but still it fails. I have added them as part of project reference as well.

Whereas, the 32bit of these dlls are working fine.

Here is a screenshot for the same


if we echo PATH, we can see that these dlls are added there


I tried to restart, add path again and again, deleted these dlls and added them one more time but still getting the same error.

Can anyone help me out here?


image.png (63.4 kB)
image.png (148.8 kB)