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Feb 08 at 04:48 PM

Deploy App from own BAS to Custom Cloud Foundry

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Hey guys,

Is it possible to deploy an app from our own BAS in our BTP to a Cloud Foundry of a customer?

We created our own app which consumes data from Non-HANA On-Premise Backend System. To deploy the app to our system we added deploy configuration with “npx fiori add deploy-config” and entered our ABAP System which is linked in our BTP via Cloud Connector. This works fine and app gets created as BSP Application in our Backend System so we can use it in our launchpad with SICF node.

Now we want to roll out this app to a customer as MTA Project directly into customer Cloud Foundry and Launchpad Work Zone. Therefor we connected our own BAS to customer Cloud Foundry which worked. Then we overwrote again with “npx fiori add deploy-config” our Deploy Config and this time chose Cloud Foundry. But although we before connected to customer Cloud Foundry system only shows up our own Cloud Foundry Destinations. So we used our own Destination in deploy config and started MTA Project deploy. This leads to wrong xs-app.json entry for the destination.

The app gets created in Customer CF like we wanted it but opening the link does not work because app cannot find metadata, of course due to wrong destination. We can workaround this by copying the destination of customer BTP in our own BTP but sounds wrong for me. So what would be the "standard" way to deploy it? Download it in our BAS and upload it in customer BAS and then deploy it there?

Other question: It looks like deploy config always has to get overwritten. So do we always have to overwrite/switch it when deploying to On-Premise Backend and CF? Is there any way to do it both individual without always overwriting?