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Material Standard Price in the report based on user input date in SAP Webi

Hi Team,

I have the requirement in my project to show material standard price(MBEW-STPRS) in the Webi report created on top of BEx report.

The BEx report is created on top of multiprovider having Billing Cube and Material standard Price cube.

User is expecting the material standard price based on the user input date.

So i have created a Key figure in BEx for material standard Price and restrict it with Material standard price infoprovider , customer exit variable on fiscal period (returns fiscper based on user input date) and set the constant selection for the characteristics which are not present in material standard Price cube.

So for example, if user has entered 3rd of feb 2017 , then the fiscper returns 201702 and we get the price in the report as maintained in the cube on 201702.

But if there is no price maintained for the period 201702 or if no transaction is present in the cube for period 201702 then get the most recent price say 201701 in the report. And if we dont have 201701 transaction or if the price is not maintained for 201701 then check for 201612 and goes on till we get the price and show the price in the report.

Please let me know how can i achieve this in backend or in frontend.


Abhimanyu Sharma

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Mar 01, 2017 at 04:54 PM

    Hi Abi

    MBEW always holds the "current" period Std other words, latest std Cost ( need not necessarily be current Period eg 201702)

    MBEWH holds the Historical std Cost. But the catch is - If, for some reason there's no change in std Cost for a Prolonged time and when the cost changes, MBEWH gets the Most recent and previous periods cost but not for all the periods. so, even if you have a persisted ADSO on these tables you might still end up having 0 Cost for some periods!

    if you really need cost for all periods irrespective of whether a change happened or not, i would advise to take a snapshot ( may be weekly) of MBEW/MBEWH and do a look up to this view and store it in the Cube for reporting purpose.



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