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Feb 03 at 09:18 AM

Analytics Mobile APP & SSO via Azure Conditional Access on iOS

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Dear Community,

we are trying to use the Analytics Cloud Mobile App on iOS Devices and we run into some problems you might know a solution about.

Our Devices are marked as compliant via Azure Conditional Access, when accessing the analytics cloud website (not app) via Edge SSO and the login works fine!

When trying to open the App he tries to authenticate us against our Azure AD but failes as the internal browser used for the identification seems to stay safari even when we set the default browser to edge.
When using Safari the login failes because the browser will not be accepted as a compliant login device to our Azure Access.

Yes, kinda complicated but we don´t want to lower our security standard and enable mcas.

Does someone have any idea how to solve this issue? Can we somehow define the internal browser to be edge instead of safari?

Thanks in advance