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Feb 23, 2017 at 07:15 PM

Replicate Business Partners from C4C to ERP using HCI via Web Dispatcher


Dear Experts,

As the question itself would reveal that I am fairly new to HCI, so apologies if the problem is rather basic. But after searching the net for a significant amount of time, I thought I would rather post the question for your inputs.

We are implementing C4C for a certain customer and integrating it with ECC using HCI. Now I have done this before for another customer but the reverse proxy used was cloud connector. This time we are using a Web Dispatcher but struggling to send data out of HCI.

The reasons could be many including those in firewall or in Web Dispatcher itself. But before we go that far I want to ensure I have the settings in HCI IDOC Adapter right.

When we were using Cloud Connector, in IDOC Adapter Specific settings for data directed towards ERP, we used Address: 'http://<proxy_host_name>:<port>/sap/bc/srt/idoc?sap-client=xxx' and Proxy Type as 'On-Premise'. In the Cloud Connector we have set up the libk between proxy host and actual host and added the SICF nodes to be used. It worked just fine.

My question is, when we are using Web Dispatcher, what should ideally be configured in IDOC Adapter Specific settings?

Question 1: Should the Address only contain the Web Dispatcher URL followed by port or should it contain the SICF service details as well that we intend to trigger in ERP? (/sap/bc/srt/idoc0

Question 2: Should we use http:// or https:// when we are sending data to ERP with Web Dispatcher enroute?

Question 3: Should we use Proxy Type 'On-Premise' or 'Internet'?

I have tried a few options but the results haven't been favorable.

With https:// and 'Internet' (as in the screenshot below), we get ""SocketTimeoutException:Read timed out" error messages.

With http:// and 'On-Premise', we get a 'HTTP response '503: Service Unavailable' error message.

Any help or guidance would be massively appreciated.

Best Regards,



cloudconnector.jpg (62.6 kB)
wd-internet.jpg (77.9 kB)
wd-onpremise.jpg (72.8 kB)