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Jan 31 at 07:14 PM

Data loss on SAP Hana Cloud after deployment with apple sillycon M1

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After deploying a SAP CAP Nodejs application, data loss was identified in some SAP HANA Cloud tables. A recovery from the restore point was performed and the data was recovered.

A new build on the same machine was performed and again this data loss occurred. When using another machine, this time with x86_64 architecture and with Pop!_OS 20.04 LTS based upon Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, the new build was realized and the deploy didn´t generate this data loss that occurred on the MacBook Air with Chip M1.

It is worth mentioning that in M1, a terminal running Rosetta 2 with the version of Node.js installed with Rosetta 2 was used to realize the build. The Rosetta configurations using the x86_64 architecture were based on the solutions found by the community according to the following references:

Has anyone experienced a similar error using different machines and operating systems?

Best Regards,

Adriano Martins