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What has to be done in STWB_2 in SAP Solution Manager to update Test Cases in the Test Packages?

Feb 23, 2017 at 06:27 PM


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Hello All,

I need very urgent help. I uploaded Test Cases for my Project correctly, assigned Testers to the Test Packages, added the Test Cases to the Test Plans and now want to assign the Test Cases in the Test Plans to the Test Packages.

However... Some of the Test Packages are up to date and have the Test Cases I uploaded. Other Test Packages have very old Test Cases still (which isn't desired) even though I completely wiped the off the System! The Test Plan has the new Test Cases but when editing the Test Packages those don't get displayed! I don't know why some behave differently or what to do to get the new Test Cases displayed.Please help me with that, I'm sure it's something obvious I'm missing.

Help is appreciated. Kind regards, Moritz.

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Prakhar Saxena Feb 24, 2017 at 11:12 AM

Hello Moritz,

Normally as soon as you upload your new test cases you need to regenerate the TEST Plan in STWB_2. You will also see an icon for impacted/modified test cases while generation.

  1. goto STWB_2 choose test plan
  2. click change button regenereate with desire selection
  3. now goto test package and change with new test case accordingly via regeneration as well

this should resolve



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Hello Prakhar,

thanks for your reply. I solved my Problem mostly by editing the plan data settings for the test plan. The fields were empty and when i put in dates before and after current date, it showed me the test cases in the test plan settings i selected before. Some test cases were shown as being deleted and the new ones also showed, so that i could select them...again. Afterwards i could finally select them in the test packages.

I think it's a bug on the side of SAP as this can't be the expected behaviour. I still have some test plans where the Problem isn't solved by the procedure i described above, which is annoying. I'll update this page should i find a solution as i imagine others might have an issue here.

Regards, Moritz.


I did solve the problem...finally. I don't know why but i had to manipulate settings like time allocated to the test plan, generate the test plan a couple of times, unselect and reselect the test cases and change the test plan data like begin and end of work on the test plan a few times. eventually that settled the issue for all test plans. I don't know what background processes lead to this but if someone is facing the same problem, i recommed just changing the test plan settings a bit.

Oh well.

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Hello Moritz,

May you please kindly share me more information for your issues? Have you also regenerated your test package?

Do you ever use the filter? As I would assume the node change in project should be reflected via plan regeneration and package regeneration. And should have no relation to the test plan settings.

Thanks and best regards,