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Jan 31 at 06:23 AM

How to Update route in ERP with CRM order Geo route


Hello Experts

Currently we are doing the route determination either in CRM with APO (SCM) or with EWM (Decentralized) and update the same to the ERP Outbound delivery. Issue here the route which got determined in SCM systems are updated as geo route in ERP Outbound delivery.

We are trying to create the Shipment with the PPF action from the EWM where the idocs are failed because the ERP deliveries are not relevant for Transportation planning. In order to make the deliveries relevant for Transportation planning we need to update the route in ERP and make its relevant.

We understood Route in ERP is mandatory for setting the delivery as relevant for Transportation Planning.

Now we are trying to figure out how the Geo route itself can be updated as Route for the delivery in ERP , so that we can update the same which will resolve the issue in creation of Shipments.

Kindly suggest how the route can be populated from the Georoutes

Thanks in Advance