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Jan 31 at 04:42 AM



We are using HDB_NODEJS_THREADPOOL_SIZE attribute to increase worker threads in pool as per the recommendation for one of our nodeJS CAP module. Internally we use sap-cds to get a transaction and run the db queries against hana cloud.

It helped us run the DB queries against HC parallelly.

A year back, I tested this in my laptop and it was working for me in one of our nodeJS(CAP) module.

Recently I found the attribute has no effect and same I verified in my laptop.

Initially I though may be some new OS upgrade is blocking this.

As HDB_NODEJS_THREADPOOL_SIZE overrides UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE, I tested libuv’s non-blocking IO feature by utilizing UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE attribute with the help of a sample nodejs program and it worked(not with CAP).

Want to understand if any change at CAP side blocking this?