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Jan 30 at 12:25 AM

Unable to Access Existing Data Lake (BTP Free Tier)



So I just started to use the SAP HANA Cloud Tools application in BTP Free Tier.

I was able to access my SAP HANA database instance with its DBADMIN logon credentials.

However, I was not able to access my Data Lake instance with its HDLADMIN logon credentials. I tried several times to log into the SAP HANA Cockpit and to the SAP HANA Database Explorer. I failed and I assume that the HDLADMIN user got locked.

I used the "Choose Authentication" option and I chose the option to clear credentials. But it did not provide a way to enter new HDLADMIN credentials. So it's confusing what that option is meant for.

Is there a way for resetting HDLADMIN password tries?

I can't just delete the Data Lake when it is linked to the HANA db, no? I am not sure if I can get support other than from the community.

Thank you and kind regards,

Annie Neis