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May 24, 2006 at 03:24 PM

Management of Work Items for Parallel Processing


Users want the workflow we' re building to be able to remove work item from all in boxes based on if a certain status is chosen.

In parallel processing how would this be accomplished?

Example - work item went to three different departments via parallel processing. Say there are 2 agents in each department.

An agent in department 2 grabs it first, which would remove it from the other agent' s inbox from department 2. If the agent who grabbed it does not approve, but set it to a postpone type status, user wants the workflow to remove it from departments 1 and 3 agents' inboxes as well.

What would be the best solution to do this? Also when the agent who grabbed it eventually approves it, users want workflow to then put item back into the other 2 departments agents' inboxes and continue with the parallel processing, before advancing to next approval step in the workflow .

Any thoughts as to the best way to accomplish this also ?