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InfoChart - column & line chart, how to structure data source?


I have been struggling with this for weeks now. Can anyone please advise how I need to build my BW query so that I can achieve the following chart?

Design Studio places the key figures (Sales & Revenue) and dimensions incorrectly for me (swaps them round putting Sales & Revenue in the legend instead of x-axis).

Currently, my BW query has the following structure:

I would be grateful for any clues, please.


fhaxm.png (33.4 kB)
hpewq.png (78.6 kB)
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  • How about using Analysis Office for this requirement?

    It works!

    See below

    1agataao.jpg (52.3 kB)
  • Former Member Tammy Powlas


    Unfortunately, I am trying to build a individualised DS dashboard that will be used by each user in my organisation. So Analysis is not the right tool. Of course, it will do what I want, since it's just Excel and Excel is clever ;-) DS is not...


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1 Answer

  • Feb 24, 2017 at 12:17 AM

    Hi Agata,

    I am guessing that with your current query structure, what you are seeing is "John Doe" and "% of all sales" as x-axis labels, with Sales and Revenue in the legend (as you've indicated). This is exactly the behaviour I would expect because key figures are always assigned to the chart legend.

    Basically, you need to come up with a structure whereby "John Doe" and "% of all sales" are treated as key figures and "Sales" and "Revenue" are treated as dimension members. This is why Tammy's Analysis Office example works since the data table has been structured in this way. If you are able to use Analysis Office to setup a data table as such then perhaps a smartcopy to Design Studio might work.

    Otherwise, the solution could turn out to be a backend data modelling issue. However, before we go down that route, can you provide the following so that I can make further suggestions accordingly?

    1) BEx Query screenshots of the detailed definitions of the key figures Sales and Revenue as well as the two dimensions in the rows;

    2) A screenshot of the Initial View in Design Studio of the data source that is based on your BEx Query.



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    • Hi Agata,

      You're welcome. I was happy to read the topic and follow the interesting journey to a solution :)

      Regarding the axis swapping, I noticed on Slide 49 of the latest Lumira/Design Studio Roadmap that there will be a "Use Measures as a Dimension" option which might address the scenario you've described in this post. Let's wait and see.