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Jan 26 at 11:06 PM

Is C4C Done-Dead-Dusted? Whats next!


Not sure what SAP's roadmap is but it seems like onPrem CRM, C4C is definetely on the path of "End of Life", If you officially open SAP Product portfolio there is Hardly anything i could find for C4C.

Basically I think SAP is just trying to "DE"construct CRM or Cx that you have to "Get/Buy" systems and just try to integrate them, for example SAP Sales Cloud i guess wont have any service capabilities or there doesnt seem to have one system which deals with Sales , Service and Marketing. (And may be customer master data).

Everything is "separate" and we have to integrate them with prepacked iFlows, we all know how amazing that works :P I would like to understand how you as a consultant or a Partner company or as a customer plan or see this from SAP?